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The West Coast Darters of Florida league runs NDA sanctioned darts leagues and tournaments in Manatee & Pinellas counties in Florida.

Current weekly dart tournaments.

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West Florida Dart Association Remote League Rules

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The West Coast Darters of Florida, is a non-profit Organization in the state of Florida near Tampa. The WCD host three major dart tournaments a year. We invite all Florida dart pubs, business and individuals to join us in showing your support for the sport of soft tip darts by purchasing sponsorship option(s) as described below. Your sponsorship is tax deductible! The WCD thanks you in advance for your support.
Dart Tournament Sponsorship Opportunities Information

Have a “VOICE”!

We are currently excepting volunteers and nominees for our Dart league “RULES COMMITTEE “.
Approx 6 positions available.
Send in your submissions to your dart league coordinator today!
Committee Members will be appointed the end of January.

Have an idea, a complaint or even just to add your 2 cents!
Please this form and submit it to us. We are always happy to hear from our players!

Current Dart Leagues:

Background Leagues forming WCD

Join us now and become qualified for state & national dart tournaments.

Player League Dues: $10.00 per player per wk.includes game play.*

Weeks: 15-18 weeks + Playoffs!
Top 6 advance: 3 weeks w/ consolation round for first round defeats.
NDA Sanctioned Leagues $8 annual membership dues. (Sept-Aug)
100% Payback at the end of season
All teams receive prize money based on wins and loses in the lower & fun leagues

Please see West Coast Darter of Florida Rules for details.
~ Prize Money & Players Banquet and Tournament at the end of season

What is the NDA? What are the Benefits of Being an NDA- sanctioned player?

**Leagues are also created upon player requests. Ask your favorite location to host an In-house to your specs.

Happy shooting )))—>
Click here to learn more about being NDA Sanctioned

State & National Tournaments

NDA Team Dart

Contact Kris Grimal to learn more about the
local dart leagues and tournaments.
Phone: (407) 731-4982
Email: kris.grimal@gmail.com

National Dart Association

American Darters Association

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